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About Fromni
That's why we're here. Fromni is an all-in-one solution of how businesses and customers could interact by means of a messaging environment, convenient for both parties. The better relationships you build the faster growth you get!
Customers want more human connection with businesses in the channels they use in everyday life. That gives them the personalized experience they want.
Why Fromni
All-in-one solution for notifications and conversations
Can be used both via User interface or flexible API. Messaging platform that supports all stages from advertising and attracting the customer to asking feedback when deal is closed.
24/7 customer service and support
You can access support from your personal account. Depending on the question, you will be advised either by a technical specialist or a customer success manager.
Own development team and infrastructure
Platform easily scales horizontally. All the development process is made inside the company.
Long-term experience and successful Client stories
We are on the market from 2006. During this time, we have worked with over 10,000 clients. There are successful cases in the EU, CIS, Russia.
Global coverage
We deliver messages to 225 countries of the world. We have both direct contracts with Mobile Operators, Chat apps, and a wide network of partners around the world.
We keep your data safe. A secure SSL connection. Platform is hosted in Tier 3 data centers providing full redundancy. All data is backed up.