Transactional SMS-messaging
Support and marketing in most popular messaging apps
Use Cases
Omnichannel messaging
FAQ Bots
Live support
  • Messaging apps
    Choose from most popular global messaging apps and channels
  • Scenario Builder
    Map conversational flows with your customers using our no-code Builder
  • Contact profiles
    Keep track of what you know about your customers
  • Auto campaigns
    Select the conditions for your deals/contacts and all the rest will be made by Fromni
  • Chatbot templates
    Launch a task-specific chatbot quickly and easily
  • Pages
    Create a beautiful and effective micro landing page for your messengers and maps URLs
  • Segmentation
    Target the contacts most likely to want your product or service
  • Manual campaigns
    Start both simple notifications or chatbot campaigns by your own hands
  • WebChat
    Automate your communications using easily accessible web pages — no Apps needed
  • URL Shortener
    Сreate a short, unique URL that will redirect to the specific website of your choosing