Transactional SMS-messaging
Support and marketing in most popular messaging apps
Use Cases
Omnichannel messaging
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Live support
Start conversations with customers in minutes, send customer care notifications or purchase updates, offer your customers a new level of personalized service and provide support on WhatsApp — the channel that your customers prefer to be reached on.
WhatsApp Business API
There are two main types of messaging between businesses and their customers via WhatsApp Business API
A business starts a message thread by messaging the user, which requires a pre-approved template and a prior opt-in. The messaging is priced per conversation.
Business-Initiated messages
A user starts a message thread by messaging the business, which doesn't require a prior opt-in.
User-Initiated messages
Available categories of WhatsApp Business-Initiated messages
  • The marketing
    Send notifications about promotions, new products, and other information to increase company awareness and customer engagement.
  • One Time Passwords
    Send codes that allow customers to securely access their accounts.
  • Transactions
    Send account or order updates, notifications, and other useful information.
Pre-approved message templates examples